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About Decemii

Decemii is a Formaldehyde Free, hypoallergenic shin guard company founded by former Division 1 field hockey players, Brit Dickinson and Veerle Bos. Day in and day out we have been putting shin guards on our legs without thinking twice about what they are made of. It turns out that all shin guards have levels of Formaldehyde in them that cause irritation of the skin, allergic reactions and possible anaphylactic shock. Our shin guards are free of this harsh chemical, allowing you to play with a peace of mind in knowing that you are not being exposed to the dangers associated with formaldehyde exposure.

Hypoallergenic & Formaldehyde Free

Formaldehyde is a chemical substance that is being used as preservative while added to glue, plastics and many other products such as shin guards. Skin contact with formaldehyde can lead to irritation and contact eczema; the skin will become red and itchy. You can get contact eczema from being allergic (testing can be done) to formaldehyde but also non-allergic people can get irritation eczema (no testing can be done). Frequent or prolonged exposure to formaldehyde, like many athletes endure, may cause hypersensitivity, leading to the development of allergic contact dermatitis (eczema). Contact dermatitis caused by shin guards affects the body where there is the greatest friction between the skin and the fabric. Sweating may be an important factor in causing the contact dermatitis since sweat appears to leach free formaldehyde from formaldehyde resins.

Thus, the combination of formaldehyde, friction of the shin guard and sweating can be the cause of the skin irritation so many field hockey players deal with on a day to day bases.

Removable & Washable

Shin guards smell terrible. It's just a fact. Our shin guards are washable making them much more enjoyable to wear, travel with, and store. Simply take the padding out of the hard shell and throw it in the wash. Say goodbye to smelly locker rooms and stick bags! 


The entire shin guard is replaced every single year because of the wear and tear done on the padding. Decemii's shin guards are different. Players are able to remove and replace the inner padding and keep the hard outer shell. Not only does it feel like you are wearing a brand new shin guard, but you are also cutting down on plastic waste.